Finally I decided to start typing

Suong, Entry 1.


Can’t get use to the fact that it’s already the 6th day of a new 365 day journey. I and the TT of this blog have procrastinated quite a time since the first time our idea sparked a light. But I guess it’s some kind of way of being human. Procrastination. Hmmmm.

Today also happens to be my celebrity crush’s birthday. WOW. Can’t believe I actually have a celebrity crush. Another way of being a mediocre 20 something filling her life with illusions of an impossible and unrealistic romance. Lol. But why do I at the same time believe in the possibility of the impossible.

It hasn’t been such a bad start for this new year. I completed 2 of my lifetimewishes-thingsI’dliketodointhisfinitecyclecalledlife.

The first one was a very small accomplishment but nonetheless very fulfilling: I succeeded to solve a rubik cube bahahaha. So childish but it has always been something I wanted to complete but the time never came. I knew how to do the first and second level but gave up when it came to the third one.

Until this line I just realised that I use so many BUTS. That’s something I’d like to get rid of. Less BUTS for this year and the next to come!

So, how I came about to solving an entire Rubik’s cube?

It was the January 1st, I was going to my tutor job and my students weren’t home. They went out celebrating and seemed to forget me. Lucky me yay. I had plans going to a boardgame cafe with friends but only at 6pm and it was like 4:30pm so I intended to go home where suddenly it rained. Haha just my luck. So I found refuge at HUB’s (art community where I hang out often) and … THERE WAS A CUBE IN FRONT OF ME. I had nothing better to do so I asked a friend there to teach me. And there you have it. In the midst of a rainy day and 1 hour to waste I finally got the hang of it. That feeling when all the colorful pieces were at the right places just felt so magical, like in a minute my life made sense and everything was right.

Here’s a picture of my teacher and the cube (insert emotional emoji):




Second thing I got to do is baking. I have an intense passion for food and especially for cakes. I was really into it during my middle school years but the results were not as glamourous.

Now I happen to work with my 10 years friend at a bakery of one of my middle class mates (yeah kinda complicated lol) with real equipments and ingredients and all. The smell of fresh cakes and the feeling of contributing to the process just makes me happy in many ways. It’s all about the little things people. So philosophical.

While my life has been outta track  in various aspects compared to my friends and peers for the last 3 years, I am full of hope that it will all turn out well naturally.

That is one of the reasons why this blog was born. Because there’s no right or wrong direction or choices and every being has its own path to follow.

So I wish you who happened to stumble upon this post the best of luck and courage.

(So cliché I know I know but still)

Until next time.




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